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Our Advanced Plan accounts allow parents and guardians to save for their children in three currencies: The United States Dollar (USD), the Euro (EUR), and the Pound Sterling (GBP). Each currency has its own interest rate, and those corresponding interest rates are illustrated below:

Euros (EUR): 5.25%
Pound Sterling (GBP): 4.75%
United States Dollar (USD): 6.75%

The sooner a parent or guardian opens an Advanced Plan account, the more time the account will have to mature and grow. The longer the maturity period, the more interest compounded, resulting in larger account balances upon the child's 18th birthday.


Agmak Estate Limited encourages all of our clients who have children to consider utilizing an Advanced Plan account for them. There are no fees to open and maintain our Advanced Plan accounts, and the individual who opens the account chooses whether to deposit a lump sum upon commencement of the account or to make 12 monthly installments throughout the first year to deposit the required minimum amount. There are no penalties or extra charges if a monthly installment is missed, and the depositor can make multiple installment deposits in a single month as well. When opening an Advanced Plan account, customers will need to bring a copy of the concerned child's birth certificate as well as their own personal identification for verification.

The opening adult can observe all of the operations concerning the child's account at any time within the terms of the account, and the withdrawal of the deposit amount is allowed ONLY under the circumstances of documentable emergency needs of the child. There have been cases where a parent has needed to withdraw the deposit amount in order to pay hospital fees for the treatment of the concerned child's illness or injury. No interest is calculated to the child's deposit account if the account is closed before the maturity date.

Here at Agmak Estate Limited we offer the Advanced Plan account so that we can help our clients protect and provide their children's futures. If you would like to find out more about our Advanced Plan accounts, or to open an account, please contact us at:

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